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:: Action Seminar Details
Locations:  Nationwide

Group Size:  30-5000 people

Program Length:  1/2 day (1-3hrs)

Price:  Email for quote

Staff:  Ph.D or MA Degreed Facilitator

All Equipment Included!

Transportation:  Additional Fees Apply

Materials:  Follow-up Team Building Report

Lunch Options are Available

Team Building Scottsdale Arizona


::Action Seminar Benefits
Great indoor or outdoor seminar.  We travel nationwide.

Everyone can experience our Action Seminars and Training Workshops, there are many team roles besides physical activities

Exciting and energetic activities gets everyone involved

All equipment is provided

There are no hidden fees or extra charges

Custom-designed programs are available

Every team member is involved

Team discussions may be added

Follow-up team building report is included

Team Building Scottsdale Arizona


:: Action Seminar Details

All activities are designed for beginners and participation is always encouraged.  If you decide that you don’t like a certain activity, you will not be required to participate.  You can always watch, take pictures, and join in on the discussions.   




Short and Fun Seminars and Training Events

Welcome to our Action Seminars and Training Events page!  These half or full day seminars and workshops are perfect for your next retreat, quarterly meeting, training, conference or part of a larger program.Action Seminar

One Day Adventures facilitators provide large or small groups with interactive team building activities that are paired with classroom training material. This winning combination is perfect to increase energy levels, spark creativity and productivity!  Activities are custom-designed for all ability levels. 

The material for our Action Seminars and Training Workshops are based on two award winning books: The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games and The Big Book of Team-Motivating Games (McGraw-Hill), we put theory into practice by leading nearly 100 corporate trainings per year, throughout the United States and Canada.

Corporate Team Building BookCorporate Team Building Books

Our Action Seminars and Training Workshops are completely portable and can be implemented on location, indoors or outdoors worldwide.  Some of our Action Seminars and Training Workshops are listed below. Request Program Proposal.

Effective Customer Relations

Every business has a choice. Keep customers coming back by providing top-quality service and value, or lose them to the competition. In this content-rich program you will learn all you need to know about providing high-impact service that will distinguish you from your competition. Outstanding customer service requires commitment, diligence, and very special communication skills. Most importantly, it requires a caring attitude and a genuine interest in people. Our goal is to assist your organization in training your staff to be customer-focused, and to provide them with the skills, techniques, and suggestions that are necessary to effectively service both internal and external customers. This program also works well with out Leadership Challenge program. Request Program Proposal.

Effective Listening Skills

Most of our communication time is spent listening; yet most of us listen with 10 to 50 percent accuracy. This content-rich program helps people improve their listening skills on the telephone, in meetings, and in one-on-one corporate team buildingconversations. The workshop will demonstrate and offer practice in the art of listening, showing people how to overcome bad listening habits, improve body language, and understand their listening styles and gain empathy with coworkers and customers. Participants will be encouraged to confront their weaknesses in listening and gain mastery over several listening techniques. Numerous exercises reinforce listening habits introduced in the program. This program also works well with our EQ program. Request Program Proposal.

Managing Multiple Priorities

This workshop looks at the primary concepts for effective time management, decision-making, writing smart goals, and the personal action plan. Managers, staff professionals, assistants, and anyone who needs to gain more minutes out of every hour, every day, will benefit from the collection of practical and proven time management techniques covered in this program. You will learn how to organize your day to accomplish more, dramatically reduce your stress, meet deadlines, stay calm in chaotic situations, successfully delegate with confidence, and set and achieve goals. In today's workplace, there's more to do, and this program will help you to get it done more quickly. Request Program Proposal.

Stress Management - Managing Stress before it Manages You

Today's workforce is experiencing job burnout and stress in epidemic proportions. Workers at all levels feel stressed out, insecure, and misunderstood. Many feel the demands of the workplace have become too much to handle. The financial impact of stress on corporate America is staggering. This workshop explores the causes of such stress, and suggests appropriate initiatives for the company and its employees to undertake. This workshop is designed to help you develop critical knowledge and skills for responding to stressful situations in your job, department, industry, or your corporate team buildingpersonal life. Request Program Proposal.

Change Management

Coping with change has become a common reality for most people in organizations today. Whether it is a change in your job role, department, or the entire organization, change requires both the resolve and the skill to adapt. Organizations typically put systems in place to manage change. However, there are also steps that individuals need to take, to ensure that they land on both feet. People must learn how to manage the personal side of change, as well as the organizational requirements. Personal change management can help individuals better manage stress, and can make them more productive throughout the transition. Understanding the natural phases of change is fundamental for individuals to recognize their own reactions, and then work to overcome their fears and resistance. As individuals consciously move through the phases of change, they can gain a sense of control and fulfillment from the process. This program is designed to help you develop critical knowledge and skills for responding to change in your job, department, industry, or your personal life. Request Program Proposal.

Strategic Problem Solving

This highly engaging activity-based program is designed to help yocorporate team buildingur team work together through a series of challenges. Each strategic problem-solving activity is followed by a breakout session to discuss the process, the outcome, and the application to the participants' work teams. The activities are designed to help the team communicate better, problem solve more effectively, and generally develop strategies to be more successful at work. The breakout discussions will provide tools to transfer the experience to the workplace. Request Program Proposal.

Conflict to Collaboration

Conflict challenges us to think harder, be more creative, develop greater understanding, and look for alternative avenues that turn out to be more efficient, effective, and productive. This one-day, interactive program focuses on conflict resolution and reconciliation, and will explore various means for developing the skills needed to use conflict as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation. Ultimately finding the "we all win" solutions. Request Program Proposal.

Negotiating For Results

This workshop provides you with an interactive approach to the process of negotiation. The skills you acquire will help you in your role as a mediator and negotiator, as well as in your day-to-day responsibilities. You will be encouraged to focus on interests rather than positions, so you can develop relationships of mutual trust, fairness, and respect. This is a common-sense approach based upon developing balanced and lasting partnerships to solve workplace problems. You will learn and practice effective communication skills, problem solving, and consensus building, with the intention of turning face-to-face confrontation into side-by-side problem solving. Request Program Proposal.

Team Building

The team-building programs we offer are experiential in nature to provide teams with an opportunity to take risks together to become stronger, more cohesive teams. This one-day, participatory program consists of six interactive activities that allow the participants to stretch their individual comfort zones, to identify the strengths of their team, and to overcome the inherent challenges of working together. Each strategic team-building activity is followed by a breakout session to discuss the process, the outcome, and the application to the participants' work teams. The activities are designed to help the team communicate better, problem solve more effectively, and generally develop a stronger team. The breakout discussions will provide tools to transfer the experience to the workplace. Request Program Proposal.

Communication Strategies

This highly interactive program is designed to help you improve corporate team building your interactions with other people in your workplace. Participants will have the opportunity to improve the critical communication skills of listening, asking questions, and being aware of nonverbal messages. This workshop can also help participants who are struggling to find that middle ground between being too aggressive and too passive, and how to counter the manipulative tactics of difficult people. Participants also learn more about the elements of our communication with others that help us reveal appropriate information about ourselves, and how to better manage ourselves for a professional image. Request Program Proposal.

Effective Business Writing Via Email

What you say and how you say it determines your success. It's more important than ever that emails be relevant, respectful, clear and concise. If you aren't writing in a style that engages your recipients, your email is nothing more than an interruption. Whether your goal is to get things done within your organization or create and maintain relationships outside of it, messaging needs to be relevant. This session provides the tips and tricks you need to sell your ideas, build strong relationships and boost your company's success. Request Program Proposal.


For more details on any of the above Action Semiars or Training Workshops, please contact us.