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:: Paintball Details
Locations:  Prescott and North Phoenix

Group Size:  8-100 people

Program Length:  1/2 day (3hrs)

Price:  Email for quote

Staff:  Ph.D or MA Degreed Facilitator

All Paintball Equipment Included!

Transportation:  Additional Fees Apply

Materials:  Follow-up Team Building Report

Lunch Options are Available

:: Paintball Benefits
Quick and easy 3hr team building event in Phoenix/Scottsdale

Everyone can play paintball, there are many team roles besides shooting

All paintball activities are intense games that require quick problem-solving and effective communication skills

All equipment is provided

There are no hidden fees or extra charges

Custom-designed programs are available

Every team member is involved

All paintball activities are debriefed to maximize team development

Follow-up team building report is included

:: Paintball Details

All activities are designed for beginners and participation is always encouraged.  If you decide that you don’t like a certain activity, you will not be required to participate.  You can always watch, take pictures, and join in on the discussions.   

Please wear sunblock, bring a water bottle and sun hat, and any snacks you may need.  Leave all expensive jewelry at home and wear close-toed shoes, long-sleeves and long pants.  No sandals please!

Must have a positive attitude and be willing to learn and work with a team.

Paintball is NOT:  Just a big shoot 'em up game or every man for themselves activity.

Paintball Team BuildingPaintball

Contrary to popular belief, paintball is a serious corporate team building activity!  There is a role for everyone in our Paintball Team Building Event, even those who do not want to shoot.

One Day Adventures provides corporate groups with all the equipment and instruction to have a great time while working together and refining communication skills.

There are several interactive activities that make up our paintball team building event.  Secret Service, Civil Defense, Sniper and Diplomatic Immunity.  All of these paintball activities requires strong communication skills, trust, good planning and execution between small groups to be successful.

Each paintball activity is debriefed to maximize team cohesion and group learning.  Snacks and drinks are provided between games, photo opportunities and quick breaks for groups to plan for their next mission.  Our signature paintball team building event is available in Phoenix/ Scottsdale, Arizona.

Paintball Team Building Prescott

Paintball Team Building Arizona

Competition Comparison

There are two types of paintball providers: the local paintball field and the large team building company that sells paintball.  Often times the local paintball field has a separate corporate team building department, but this is extremely rare. 

The local paintball field operation is open to the public and designed for beginners and advance tournament players alike.  The owners and staff of the paintball field are experts in all aspects of owning a paintball business from course creation to tournament play.  However, the local paintball field operators seldom have advanced degrees in leadership and team building like the facilitators for One Day Adventures.  Our facilitators know how to utilize the group paintball experience and extract the learning and apply it to work-related situations.  The local paintball operator seldom harbors these interpersonal leadership skills that come from advanced degrees and years of professional facilitation experience.  One Day Adventures facilitators deliver an authentic and real-time team building program.  Our facilitators understand team development and how to make what is learned about the team during the paintball event transfer back to the workplace.  One Day Adventures facilitators are also technical experts with the programs they facilitate.  Not only do our facilitators debrief the paintball experience and assist in the transfer of learning to the workplace, they also are experts at the operations of paintball.  A One Day Adventures facilitator can build your team and fix your paintball gun at the same time!

The second type of paintball provider is the large team building company that sells paintball events.  This large team building company may provide good customer service and find a paintball field provider but they have one primary goal: profit.  One Day Adventures has nothing against profit, however large team building companies often times profit at the expense of your team development.  The most expensive part of team building is hiring facilitators with advanced degrees in leadership and team building.  In other words, the profit goal is achieved while some college student facilitates your paintball experience and your group leaves without meaningful team development.  One Day Adventures spares no expense in making sure you have the best facilitators period!

The second problem with the large team building company is that these companies offer tens to hundreds of team building programs to their clients.  With such a large array of offerings, how can the company really be experts at each program if they only do it a few times a year?  In reality, what happens is the large team building company relies on the local paintball field to provide the team building program which puts you back to square one with sub-par facilitators.  Even if your group is out to just have fun, why not work with us and we will amaze you with how we can work quality team building into even the most reluctant groups.  Paintball is a great activity by itself, but there is no team development if facilitators cannot provide transfer of the learning from paintball to the work-place.  Whether the goal is light or specific team building, One Day Adventures will make sure team development occurs and that everyone has a great time!

Results Based Team Building

One Day Adventures paintball team building event is a strategic program that provides significant team building results all while having a great time.  Our facilitators are degreed and experts at both interpersonal-skill based facilitation (team building) and technical facilitation (paintball operation and equipment).  This provides an in-house winning combination that provides your group with lasting results.