United Not Divided

Football Arizona team building Politics. Religion. Not much else is able to so strongly unite or divide groups of people. What can teams do to keep things like politics and religion from being divisive forces? Since its football season, we’ll take a look at a football team as an example.

While it is not hard to find professional athletes vocal about their faith, the Philadelphia Eagles have become known as a team where, according to a recent ESPN story, many members “find common ground through spiritual devotion,” with players routinely engaging in Bible studies, baptisms and other faith-affirming activities. A large number of team members vocally place their Christian faith above anything else. “This is by far the most spiritual team I’ve been on,” said backup quarterback Chase Daniel to the magazine.

Not every team member shares the same level of enthusiasm for spirituality, so while players make a point of trying to encourage others to join them in their faith journey, every effort is made not to exclude those who don’t join.

There have been occasions, special-teams ace Chris Maragos said, when one player has approached another about religion and has been met with a firm stop sign. And that, they say, has been respected. In a profession where chemistry is so key, they are careful to make sure that no one feels either excluded or pressured.

“We can’t just take Bibles and slap them across people’s heads and think they’re going to want to join and learn more about Christianity,” receiver Jordan Matthews said.

Despite the religious diversity, team members agree that the spiritual prevalence means “It’s just a better atmosphere. On Sundays, we might lose, things might not always go our way, but to be with those guys and to have a positive environment in this locker room — not just the Christian brothers, but everybody — it just brings out a better atmosphere,” rookie quarterback Carson Wentz told the website. “I enjoy coming to work. I always have, but [it’s] just a whole other level now.”

Politics? Religion? How can a leader maintain team unity despite being challenged by divisive beliefs? The Association for Talent Development shares two key ingredients.

First, ensure the team has compelling common goals that members care about. The Eagles clearly have clear team goals in place, which creates a solid foundation for unity. But the next ingredient requires more ownership from members. The second key factor is a team that knows and cares about each other. For teams like the Eagles divided by religious beliefs, this requires that members step outside their comfort zone and get to know each other on more neutral terms. Family, hobbies and travel can be topics that are comfortable for all. When these two commonalities are in place, common goals and caring team members, larger differences in beliefs can take a backseat.
Start your team’s year off right by strengthening your team’s unity. A One Day Adventures event can give your team the time it needs to get reacquainted and reminded of the goals and values that brought them together. Contact us at sales@onedayadventures.com or 480-788-5093 for details.

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How to Handle the Holidaze

office-christmas-partyTis the season for people, presents, parties… and more parties. It seems like there is no end to the work functions, social events and family functions. So much small talk can be challenging –staying engaged and interested in so many different people.

In our workplaces, sometimes we avoid that awkward small talk, choosing to stay within the comforts of our familiar work group. In reality, that’s just not practical. Just like the Marines work with the Army and Navy to complete missions, our accounting department works with marketing and human resources, not only interacting but relying on them to accomplish the overall mission of the organization.

This means we have to get out of our little work group comfort zone. Teams can’t remain in isolation; they have to understand the big picture, what other teams do and how each department affects the others.  It’s easier to appreciate how other people work when we first understand who they are.  Understanding who they are is a gradual process that might have to start with a little casual conversation.

So at the next holiday party, when Tom from sales is regaling you with a long winded story about his last fishing trip, consider it a strategic move for you and your team. The next time you need a key phone number, you know you can rely on your new team mate for help.

Tired of the same old holiday party? Call us to plan a truly unique and active event. 480.788.5093.

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Fun for the Whole Family

Have you recently enjoyed a fun day out at our Phoenix ropes course? Good news, you can share the same excellent adventure with your friends and family with our adventure package.  Yes, kids too! Your group will have so much fun they won’t even notice you’re getting a little exercise. And a lot of fresh air.

This package combines rappelling, rockclimbing and ziplining into one unique, adrenaline-filled excursion.  Start out with a challenging climb up the rock wall which summits at the log bridge.  Demonstrate your balance and bravery as you make your way across the log to the rappel station. Then sit back in your harness for the rappel down. Let yourself relax and enjoy the view – your competent staff belayer is there to keep you secure the entire time.  Of course the outing wouldn’t be complete without a zipline ride. With a lack of old growth forests here in the Sonoran Desert, we can’t promise you’ll get the same experience as a Costa Rican canopy tour. But our zipline is still fast, fun and family friendly.

The outing is a perfect adventure for out of town guests. Our private site is nestled into the base of a mountain park with views of downtown Phoenix, showcasing the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. It’s also the perfect backdrop for the huge grins typically seen as riders whiz down the zipline. Your guests will thank you for giving them such a perfect photo opportunity!

For package details, check out our sister company, www.rappellarizona.com, or contact us at 866.222.4703 or contact@rappelarizona.com


Laughter as a Learning Tool

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast month’s post extoled the benefits of giving a team time to relax and have a little fun together. Still not convinced that fun and games have a place at work?  Maybe you’ll be interested in to know that even an organization like the U.S. Department of State, that engages in very serious business, advocates a little fun.

This department is tasked with supporting and serving the U.S. citizens, and their families, who work overseas as Foreign Service Officers. Because these can be stressful positions in high threat regions, the department has a well-developed stress management program. One goal of this program is to help employees develop resiliency. Resiliency is ability to recover quickly from disruptive change, or misfortune without being overwhelmed or acting in dysfunctional or harmful ways.

When was the last time someone on your team experienced change or trouble – An unhappy client? A software glitch? A shipment delay? It happens regularly and it’s important for the team to be able to handle it without falling apart.

Fortunately, resiliency can be learned and developed in everyone. According to the Department of State, laughter is one technique for enhancing resiliency and recommends “trying to find time to smile and laugh even when things seem to be falling apart around you. It’s very healing and it will help you forget your worries for a few moments.”

Laughter enhances resiliency by helping us feel more optimistic and effective at our jobs. A positive attitude has been shown to increase productivity, and then as a person uses laughter to develop resiliency, they become better able to tackle challenges through creativity and a positive attitude. How much would your team benefit from increased productivity and creativity? Start building resiliency today, one laugh at a time.

We would be happy to help! Contact sales@onedayadventures.com, or sign up for our newsletter for some fun, easy activities you can do with your team.


Go Ahead, Have Some Fun

Goofy pic Team building initiatives sometime get a bad reputation for being “cheesy.” We make you do puzzles, throw rubber chickens around and dress up in funny clothes. Why all the goofy activities, wouldn’t a team’s time be better spent learning something useful, or you know, working?

Of course the work must get done, but taking a “play break” can help the team accomplish even more. Play encourages a team to relax around each other. Playing a game gets people to let their guard down.

Say you have new team members who haven’t completely assimilated into the team yet. There may be some reserved members who get overshadowed by more outspoken team mates. Perhaps you just have group members who are insecure. Insecurity makes a person act guarded and fake. They try to be something they are not, out of fear that their real self will not be accepted. Because we intuitively sense discomfort in others, this awkward behavior rubs off on the rest of the team.

Games are the great equalizer. You’ll find that under the guise of a competition, people will get goofy and laugh together. Then once relaxed, teams are better able to problem solve and work together. These fun moments help break down walls and create camaraderie that will carry over into the workplace.

This summer while students are out of school and families are on vacation, it’s great time to and add some “goofiness” to your week! An ODA facilitator will be happy to help!

To see video clips of One Day Adventures’ games in action, check us out on Facebook. For ideas on games you can play in the office to help your team bond, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, in the right column.

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How to Get a Free Bonus From Your Event

ParkDid you know that most of our ODA programs are held entirely or primarily outdoors? Not sure why you should know or care about this random fact?

Because if you are one of the 80% of event planners who select an outdoor venue you are getting an extra benefit, absolutely free. Yes that’s right, a free bonus!

Not only is your team getting a fun activity that will improve relationships, you are also improving their health!

Studies from around the world are finding evidence that outside time offers health benefits ranging from decreased blood pressure and heart rate to lower anxiety to a boost to the immune system.

Getting outside is so important that forward-thinking doctors have even taken to prescribing outside time. A pilot program in Washington D.C. created a database of information on all city green spaces, searchable by zip codes, giving doctors in the Unity Health Care system the tools they need to make specific recommendation to patients. In the first two years of the pilot, 720 prescriptions for time outside were written, both for children and adults.

So, which park will you “prescribe” for your team— Phoenix’s South Mountain Park? San Diego’s Balboa Park? Sedona’s Red Rock State Park? Prescott’s Granite Basin? Whichever one you choose, One Day Adventures will be glad to help create an experience that is just what the doctor ordered!

Contact us at sales@onedayadventures.com or 480-788-5093.

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How to Execute a Hail Mary

Hail Mary pass is a very long pass in American football, made in desperation with only a small chance of success.

As facilitators, we often see managers use a team building event as a Hail Mary attempt. Communication and cooperation has been neglected for so long, and in desperation, the team leader attempts to fix the problem by planning a day on the ropes course or other exciting outing. Unfortunately, this type of one-off event usually doesn’t have the hoped-for results.

Twice during this current football season, The Green Bay Packers had fans holding their breaths awaiting the completion of a Hail Mary throw by quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Both ended with history making successful catches.

While the passes were necessitated by a losing score, the plays themselves were less desperate, and more strategic then they appeared to viewers outside the playing field.

According to receiver Richard Rodgers (TE), the team had actually been working on the Hail Mary before the game, so it wasn’t exactly complete chaos when Aaron Rodgers threw the ball in the air. “We were practicing it a little bit before the game,” Rodgers said. “He was throwing them really high in the air, so when I saw it in the air I knew I had a chance to catch it.”

Like the Packers, all teams will face situations when they are struggling, falling behind or feeling defeated. These stressful times will take a toll on team work and camaraderie. A Hail Mary may feel like the only option. But a full day ropes course or adventure challenge has a much greater chance of achieving results if the team incorporates team building into daily operations.

That exciting team building outing is going to be much more effective with teams who have been regularly promoting team building in the team’s normal operations. E-mail sales@onedayadventures.com to sign up for our monthly newsletter, full of free tips and activities you can use to practice building a mindset of team building in preparation for your ropes course or adventure challenge!

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A Simple Way to Give Better Gifts

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, has been researching the correlation between money and happiness for decades.

What has he found? It turns out that while we used to think material things were the way to happiness, according to science, what will bring you the most lasting happiness are experiences — travel, outdoor activities, new skills.

“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods,” said Gilovich in the study “A Wonderful Life: Experiential Consumption and the Pursuit of Happiness,” published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

“You can really like your material stuff. You can even think that part of your identity is connected to those things, but nonetheless they remain separate from you. In contrast, your experiences really are a part of you. We’re the sum total of our experiences.”

Humans are highly social creatures, and meaningful social relationships contribute hugely in our happiness levels.

This might not be a surprise to you, especially if you’re under 35. “A cash incentive would have disappeared into my bank account or gone to pay rent,” says one 20-something who was rewarded with World Series tickets for meeting a sales goal, a much more memorable experience.

Those who study millennials say these children of Boomers grew up in households that validated their feelings and in a society that serves as a social media echo chamber for their opinions. The result is a new breed of worker who values validation over cash.

What’s followed has been a string of new startup businesses catering to providing memorable employee reward experiences. But why choose a startup to plan an experience of a lifetime, when you can draw on the depth of Epic Corporate Experiences to create your unique, high-caliber events, retreats and travel experiences that will make the whole team happy, not just the millenials.

For more information visit goepiccorp.com or call 480-788-5093.

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Time to Treat Yo’ Team

It’s the best day of the year, according to Parks and Rec characters Tom and Donna. A day to lavish and spoil yourself with anything – get a massage. Have a pedicure while sipping fancy coffee concoctions, splurge on a new outfit and of course no treat yo’ self day is complete without cupcakes.

Has your team worked extra hard and earned a treat? ODA’s sister company, Epic Corporate Experiences, can deliver. Their services go beyond teambuilding, creating unique, high-caliber events, retreats and travel experiences.

Epic experiences are perfect when you have expected the best from your team… and then they exceeded those expectations. They are a celebration of excellence, of victories and a time to have fun together and foster a spirit of community.

While we’ll create an event to your specifications—from tame to active–, our signature programs integrate fun and adventure. We’ve done it all from snowmobiling in Jackson Hole, sailing in Costa Rica to a San Diego sand castle building contest. We’ll even provide cupcakes.

Best of all, your treat is letting us take care of all the planning, making you look great! For more information visit goepiccorp.com or call 480-788-5093.

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Kate Hudson’s Team building Wisdom

Bear Grylls, with his extensive military background, is a fountain of wisdom on teamwork. But on a recent episode of his show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, it was a celebrity co-star who had the insightful words. While sitting around the campfire roasting freshly caught pigeon, Actress Kate Hudson found herself opening up personally to the outdoor survival expert about her childhood and divorces. She comments on the experience saying:

“It’s funny, cause when you’re out in the wilderness, when you start to sit and talk to Bear, you end up talking about things you wouldn’t normally share. But you know, you get people in environments where they’re exposed and it allows for more open conversation.”

In team building, this concept is referred to as the novel setting. The novel setting is a critical concept in team building events. When we’re in the office, going through the same routine day after day, our communication and interactions also tend to become routine. The leaders keep leading, the socializers keep talking, the complainers keep grumbling, the analyzers keep questioning. And that means we may get annoyed by the repetitiveness, or disengaged by the predictability. Shaking things by moving out of the office space, gives us a refreshing new perspective.

Getting out of our comfort zones is a great way to unclog lines of communication. When in a fresh setting, perhaps one that is a bit uncomfortable, we feel vulnerable. We respond to vulnerability by expressing ourselves. Will that expression always be happy and sunny? No, but it will be a guaranteed conversation starter and will probably generate a pretty memorable experience. Good or bad, new experiences generate fresh communication.

Don’t worry, camp fires are not required. What can make the experience as productive as possible is involving a third party. An outside facilitator recognizes those preconceived roles that the team is no longer in tune with, and will help encourage that openness that is so valuable. Click here for a great story about a woman who came out of her comfort zone during a team building event and contact us for some fun event ideas.

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