Laughter as a Learning Tool

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast month’s post extoled the benefits of giving a team time to relax and have a little fun together. Still not convinced that fun and games have a place at work?  Maybe you’ll be interested in to know that even an organization like the U.S. Department of State, that engages in very serious business, advocates a little fun.

This department is tasked with supporting and serving the U.S. citizens, and their families, who work overseas as Foreign Service Officers. Because these can be stressful positions in high threat regions, the department has a well-developed stress management program. One goal of this program is to help employees develop resiliency. Resiliency is ability to recover quickly from disruptive change, or misfortune without being overwhelmed or acting in dysfunctional or harmful ways.

When was the last time someone on your team experienced change or trouble – An unhappy client? A software glitch? A shipment delay? It happens regularly and it’s important for the team to be able to handle it without falling apart.

Fortunately, resiliency can be learned and developed in everyone. According to the Department of State, laughter is one technique for enhancing resiliency and recommends “trying to find time to smile and laugh even when things seem to be falling apart around you. It’s very healing and it will help you forget your worries for a few moments.”

Laughter enhances resiliency by helping us feel more optimistic and effective at our jobs. A positive attitude has been shown to increase productivity, and then as a person uses laughter to develop resiliency, they become better able to tackle challenges through creativity and a positive attitude. How much would your team benefit from increased productivity and creativity? Start building resiliency today, one laugh at a time.

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