Go Ahead, Have Some Fun

Goofy pic Team building initiatives sometime get a bad reputation for being “cheesy.” We make you do puzzles, throw rubber chickens around and dress up in funny clothes. Why all the goofy activities, wouldn’t a team’s time be better spent learning something useful, or you know, working?

Of course the work must get done, but taking a “play break” can help the team accomplish even more. Play encourages a team to relax around each other. Playing a game gets people to let their guard down.

Say you have new team members who haven’t completely assimilated into the team yet. There may be some reserved members who get overshadowed by more outspoken team mates. Perhaps you just have group members who are insecure. Insecurity makes a person act guarded and fake. They try to be something they are not, out of fear that their real self will not be accepted. Because we intuitively sense discomfort in others, this awkward behavior rubs off on the rest of the team.

Games are the great equalizer. You’ll find that under the guise of a competition, people will get goofy and laugh together. Then once relaxed, teams are better able to problem solve and work together. These fun moments help break down walls and create camaraderie that will carry over into the workplace.

This summer while students are out of school and families are on vacation, it’s great time to and add some “goofiness” to your week! An ODA facilitator will be happy to help!

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