How to Get a Free Bonus From Your Event

ParkDid you know that most of our ODA programs are held entirely or primarily outdoors? Not sure why you should know or care about this random fact?

Because if you are one of the 80% of event planners who select an outdoor venue you are getting an extra benefit, absolutely free. Yes that’s right, a free bonus!

Not only is your team getting a fun activity that will improve relationships, you are also improving their health!

Studies from around the world are finding evidence that outside time offers health benefits ranging from decreased blood pressure and heart rate to lower anxiety to a boost to the immune system.

Getting outside is so important that forward-thinking doctors have even taken to prescribing outside time. A pilot program in Washington D.C. created a database of information on all city green spaces, searchable by zip codes, giving doctors in the Unity Health Care system the tools they need to make specific recommendation to patients. In the first two years of the pilot, 720 prescriptions for time outside were written, both for children and adults.

So, which park will you “prescribe” for your team— Phoenix’s South Mountain Park? San Diego’s Balboa Park? Sedona’s Red Rock State Park? Prescott’s Granite Basin? Whichever one you choose, One Day Adventures will be glad to help create an experience that is just what the doctor ordered!

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