Mixin’ and Mingling

Tis the season for people, presents, parties… and more parties. It seems like there is no end to the work functions, social events and family functions. So much small talk can be challenging –staying engaged and interested in so many different people.

In our workplace, sometimes we avoid that awkward small talk, choosing to stay within the comforts of our familiar work group, where we’ll all comfortable with each other and work well together. In reality, that’s just not practical. Just like the Marines work with the Army and Navy to complete missions, our accounting department works with marketing and human resources, not only interacting but relying on them to accomplish the overall mission of the organization.

This means we have to get out of our little work group comfort zone. Teams can’t remain in isolation; they have to understand the big picture, what other teams do and how each department affects the others.  When you first make the effort to understand how you can help others, you can then help them help you.  It’s easier to appreciate how other people work, when we first understand who they are.  Understanding who they are is a gradual process that might have to start with a little casual conversation.

So at the next holiday party, when Tom from sales is regaling you with a long winded story about his last fishing trip, consider it a strategic move for you and your team. The next time you need a key phone number, you know you can rely on your new team mate for help.

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